About Us

We’ve been CEOs, COOs, CIOs, CTOs, CDOs, Senior VPs and Board Members

We’ve Managed Internal and External IT and Consulting Organizations with thousands of Professionals

We’ve run Sales, Finance, Operations and Supply Chain organizations. We know how to talk with the Boardroom and Senior Management, as well as frontline Business and IT Personnel.

  • We have lived on four continents and consulted in over 50 countries.
  • Our clients have ranged from some of the world’s largest with revenues in the Hundreds of Billions to small-to-mid-sized businesses and operating units.
  • Our work has won Major Global Awards for Innovation and Patents while delivering Hard Bottom-Line Financial and Operating Results.

“SimplyPut Consulting has been a true partner to work with. They have demonstrated time and time again the value of teamwork, ethics, and professionalism. They have been a very integral part of the business providing not just as tactical executors but also as key strategy leaders to drive organizational goals and vision”

Manoj Kurup,
Vice President – Information Technology

Our Network

We are leaders in Defining, Driving and Delivering Cost Effective, On-Time, On-Budget Successful Programs and Projects. We can fill Senior Leadership Roles to deliver the results.

We bring a global partner network to compliment all of our services for our clients. This network is not a conglomeration of unknown contractors and service providers, but an exclusive group of people and firms that we have worked with for decades that share our same vision, values and passion for delivering amazing business outcomes.

Let’s Work Together.

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