Case Studies

Government Central Bank

  • Architected additional extensions and upgrades to the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia’s (FED) Collateral Management System and led a large team in enhancing, upgrading, and improving quality and security efforts in the aftermath of 9/11 terrorist threats.
  • Directed a multi-cultural team in support of FED application upgrades during the 2008 financial crisis to extend and enhance interfaces, application performance, financial risk analysis, and integration upgrades.
  • Created the FED CMS application that is still vigorously used which serves as the infrastructure piece supporting the current debates about countercyclical capital buffers and the public real-time payment system.

Chemical Company Carveout

  • $400 Million Private Equity owned chemical company​
  • Legacy converted SAP solution had been implemented and outsourced to one of the big firms
  • Service was poor, costs were high
  • Brought outsourced business processes in-house
  • Moved them to a right size second tier outsource firm
  • Annual savings of over $10 million with improved performance


  • $800 Million hospital and medical center​
  • The client was struggling to achieve the benefits of a recent ERP SaaS implementation​
  • Conducted an assessment and optimization project​
  • Reduced manual work effort​
  • Standardized and streamlined business processes​
  • Eliminated accounts payable errors, created high-value analytics to monitor inventory, reduced workflow errors, and automated report distribution

Covid Testing and Vaccine Company​

  • $150 Million medical services company​
  • Transformed a $5 Million biometric testing company into $150 Million Covid Testing and Vaccination company in two months​
  • Sat in interim leadership roles as CTO, Executive Counsel, CFO, Data Analytics and Operations​
  • Streamlined business processes​
  • Developed business tools ​
  • Developed technology solutions​
  • Implemented Cybersecurity​
  • Replaced QuickBooks with NetSuite

Technology Company Merger and Split

  • $1 Billion Technology Company​
  • Brought in to assess and aid company in completion of a merger followed by a split into a Products company and an Intellectual Property Company​
  • Coordination of multiple towers of work with multiple outsourced service providers​
  • Decommissioning of SAP and replacement with NetSuite

Finance Company

  • $200 Million Financial Institution
  • Brought in to assess implementation completeness, create a roadmap, and then complete the implementation
  • Successful on-time go-live​
  • Automated 90% of millions of daily transactions​
  • Reduced month-end close by 30%

Professional Services Firm

  • $29 Billion accounting, audit and consulting firm​
  • Were moving from internal support to outsourced support and needed to implement security controls​
  • Implemented data privacy/masking, database activity monitoring, and privileged user authentication solutions​
  • Completed 2 weeks early, 20% under budget, securing 18 major applications in 14 weeks. ​
  • Estimated $20B in data protection provided

Real Estate Marketing Company​

  • $100 Million Dollar Marketing and Digital Services firm​
  • Brought in to solve for failing platform development project​
  • Complete business process and road mapping transformation to get IT and the business leadership focusing on same targets and goals.​
  • Complete removal and replacement of entire IT department to better align with future goals​
  • Asked to stay on as interim CTO to shepherd program to completion

Global Logistics Company​

  • $750 Million Private Equity owned Global Logistics company ​
  • Asked by PE ownership to manage Complete Business Process Transformation program​
  • Filled the role of IT Chief of Staff to enable complete IT transformation from legacy personnel and systems to digital and data focused organization including complete iron to cloud transformation on global scale​
  • Program managed design and move into new corporate headquarters

Global Class A Data Center Company

  • 1 Billion dollar global showpiece data center company​
  • Revamped ITSM Service Now Project including removal of poorly performing vendors while putting project back on time and on budget.​
  • Asked to step in and redo business process and organizational layout for European division including an assessment of infrastructure and engineering organization

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