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Revenue Growth

A lot of companies spend more time on controlling costs than growing revenue. While cutting costs can help your business survive, growing revenue is necessary for your business to thrive.

Business practices, technologies, customer experience models, and servitization strategies have evolved substantially that enable companies to hold onto existing customers, expand into new markets, and provide more competitive products and services.

By leveraging these practices and technologies you can prime your business for growth.

Profit Growth

We believe that growing your profit-line is a direct result of aligning well-defined customer/market segments, a product & service pricing strategy, and appropriate service-levels within a mature and integrated demand execution process.

Improving your margins can be achieved by refining your pricing, product offerings, capacity utilization, service delivery, and cost containment procedures. Additionally, customer, product, and capacity profitability can be increased through better optimization of mix/margin and supply chain.  Measuring the right things and incentivizing the right behaviors is an important step to maximizing your profitability.

COGS Reduction

Reducing or aligning direct costs of sourcing, manufacturing, quality, logistics, or cost-to-serve, is key to an optimized supply execution operating model.  We apply a variety of techniques to accomplish this outcome, including; SKU rationalization, supplier rationalization/integration, challenging how production and inventory are planned, transport mode analysis, and supply chain network simplification.

In addition, automating repetitive tasks and eliminating opportunities for error/redundancy, integrating technology platforms that ensure collaboration around a “single source of truth”, optimizing supply chains to improve material and cash velocity, or using AI-based predictive maintenance automation, are just a few of the quick-strike approaches to reducing cost. 

SG&A Alignment

Sizing SG&A operations according to the enterprise strategy and operating model is not only important for controlling SG&A spend but also fundamental to assuring your Target Operating Model is free of unnecessary overhead and complexity.

We apply a zero-base budgeting approach to targeting SG&A reductions while aligning service levels to targeted customer or employee audiences and aligning the experience model.

Release Working Capital

Whether a tactical inventory reduction effort or installing a Working Capital Council to govern DIO, DPO, and DSO on a go-forward basis, SimplyPut has proven execution models to accelerate the cash conversion cycle.

Simply put, our mission is to make working capital work harder for your organization, and to deploy analytics solutions that keep it that way.  Maintaining high visibility is key to the success of any working capital improvement program

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