Enterprise Technology & Architecture

We enable you to unlock the value of your ERP application portfolio with the power of integration, intelligence, innovation and industry experience. From the initial implementation we ensure the ERP application portfolio is designed to drive value.

Our Simplify. Automate. Integrate. methods are incorporated in traditional ERP implementation approaches. This allows you to enact real business transformation with a much greater degree of success.

While this sounds easy we find a large number of implementations and portfolios that fall well short of delivering the intended business cases, and actually become disablers for the organization by increasing complexity.

Our decades of experience not only successfully delivers your ERP programs but assures the benefits of simplification while unlocking the great value available thru analytics, end-to-end process digital enablement, and the enablement of your people.

Technology Strategy

We have experience across all areas of business and use a proven methodology to build compelling IT strategies and roadmaps, incorporating strong alignment to your enterprise vision, mission, and goals.

Following a rapid current-state analysis of your enterprise data and technology, and the related applications, workforce, infrastructure and metrics, we incorporate a highly participative workshop approach to jointly design what your digital enterprise can and should look like relative to the goals and vision of the business. A pragmatic roadmap and financial business case are developed to prescribe how your business should proceed.

Data & Information Strategy

We have all seen or heard stories about organizations that are buried in data or that rely on data warehouses that process the data in an untimely manner forcing you to drive looking in the rearview mirror. We help organizations develop practical solutions to unifying operational data while engineering data management solutions to visualize and analyze data. A focused data and information strategy is fundamental to scaling your business, and key to enabling powerful insights, experiences, and the value from the use of advanced digital technologies.

Digital Transformation

Whether harnessing the power of advanced analytics, AI, machine learning, digital twins, or robotic process automation, digital technologies are driving a new era of competitiveness, strategic insights, and customer experiences. It’s also a massive cultural change that requires organizations to continually challenge the status quo, thereby mandating the simultaneous need cultivate a digital culture as an integral part of the transformation process. Digital Transformation requires a work environment that not only embeds digital from the top-down but also ensures that your people are informed, engaged, and empowered to help cultivate a digital mindset.

Yet success in these digital transformations can be elusive, which is precisely why we believe it is so important to remove complexity first, prior to the application of digital automation. Not only will this focus the solution and drive focused value from your investment, but it will avoid creating complexity in your business that results from the unnecessary proliferation of these technologies.

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