Enterprise Transformation

Companies are living organisms that evolve over time. They establish business practices, procedures, organizations, and systems to meet their needs. But, as we all know, times are rapidly changing and these practices, procedures, organizations, and systems often can’t keep up with evolving demands.

Enterprise Transformation provides the opportunity to fundamentally change the way you do business. It can strip-out legacy redundancies and inefficiencies to provide opportunity for great ideas to rise-up from within your organization. When your employees see your company making significant commitments to the future, they become empowered and re-energized.

Improving both the efficiency and effectiveness of your operating model, while maintaining a pragmatic and realistic eye toward how far to push your teams’ operational maturity, is key to successfully stripping out legacy redundancies and improving the necessary performance levers. With our help, you can empower and energize your employees, resulting in greater customer, supplier, and employee satisfaction.

Program Rescue

At SimplyPut, our goal is to help you deliver expected business outcomes while course-correcting related program/project execution which may be key to your success. We insert a specific pedigree of PMO leader who intimately understands all human dimensions that come with “enterprise change”, while bringing the methods, business acumen, and hands-on confidence to drive-forward with confidence and transparency. We only leverage pragmatic project managers and business-savvy business analysts, each of whom have a bias toward working the details that will deliver target outcomes.

Far too many programs, whether operational or technology, go over-budget and fail to remain on-schedule. We know how to assure projects are delivered on budget and on-time. Successful projects begin with clear and realistic plans, and guiding principles, all grounded in experience-based estimates. From there, our proven program/project managers and execution methods will get the job done with success.

Acquisition Integration

It is broadly understood that “The Street” highly values growth when measuring a company’s prospects. Studies have shown that those who increase their revenue at or above their industry’s growth rate, and that earn above their peer’s CFROI, enjoy 2 – 5x the success of their competitors. Companies often resort to inorganic actions to achieve this growth. At the same time, addition is sometimes accomplished by subtraction. Divesting a business unit may strengthen remaining business units and thereby improve capital allocation. Either way, the changes can be massive, and having a partner who knows what ‘success’ looks like can be key to realizing your investment thesis.

SimplyPut’s experience over the last three decades with larger enterprises has consistently displayed that their challenges are rooted in past poor or partial post-acquisition integration, and the complexity that ensues. The same often holds true for many divestitures/separations that allow interdependencies to survive and unnecessary complexities to be passed along.

SimplyPut is often called in to deliver the synergies as originally intended and to accelerate speed to results. Our professionals have a strong bias toward action because they have been in your shoes and have been successful at every stage of a deal.

Organizational Effectiveness

Your operating practices and enabling data/technologies are important elements of an effective organization, but your people effectualize your business and operating culture. The art of organizational effectiveness is ultimately about “putting the right butts in the right seats”, while deploying efficient organizational structures and managing change cycles. We combine deep industry and organizational change expertise, targeted analytical tools and techniques, and the right professionals to tackle organizational transformation efforts that deliver outcomes and engaged personnel.

Our Organizational Change Management team helps people impacted in a change cycle to feel and deliver the right things through tactics such as job/role and organization structure design, communication design, personnel development, and aligned metrics. Aligning culture, structure, processes, and motivated people always delivers high-performance and effective teams.

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