SimplyPut Consulting Services


Business and Technology Consulting, Transformation and Enablement

All of SimplyPut Consulting Service Offerings are Built Upon Three Core Principles

Expose Value Fast

Each of our service offerings begin with a “Rapid Diagnostic” that ingests the related fact-base to unveil the pent-up value potential sitting within your business and supply chain ecosystem.

Our RAPID tools are built to highlight those constraints and critical issues facing a Business, a System, a Transition, or a Program/Project, using benchmarks, analytical insights, and maturity models.

Simplify Work

Our culture and capabilities are built upon “Simplify. Automate. Integrate.SM”, and SIMPLIFICATION is a required first-step in enterprise transformation to assure success and optimal business outcomes.

Our approach to Simplification is built into everything we do.

Step 1: Establish Clear Customer-centered Purpose

Step 2: Apply Design Thinking to Organize

Step 3: Reduce Complexity

This sets-the-stage for the efficient application of automation and integration.

Proven Operators

We have been both senior management consultants and highly successful CEOs, CIOs, CTOs, CFOs, and Operational Executives, possessing a unique ability to quickly identify problem areas and produce clear corrective actions.

We often step in to assure resources are aimed at their purpose and to course-correct the business, system, transition, or program.

Let’s Work Together.

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